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  1. CMWCwest

    Cache Radius Circles Disappearing...

    It says the recording is not the right video format. What email can I send it to you on?
  2. CMWCwest

    Cache Radius Circles Disappearing...

    I'll send one I am using the Hybrid Flyover.
  3. Hi, I just noticed that when I zoomed in on the map where there was a cache radius circle it would glitch and dissapere. Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug? I could send a screen recording if you want. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much that will just add to the reasons that cachly is great!!
  5. I was just wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to see the trackables images, you can do this in the normal Geocaching® app but not cachly. Or is it against the API guidelines? Love the new update.
  6. CMWCwest

    Cachly 5.0 Glitches and Bugs.

    I have found one or two my self but also just wanted people to find other bugs so that Cachly 5.0 can become perfectly working!
  7. CMWCwest

    Cachly 5.0 Glitches and Bugs.

    Record glitches and bugs that you have found in the 5.0 update!