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  1. GeoKey57

    Friends show up on web site but not on iPhone app

    okay.... did not realize that cachly friends are not cachly friends on cachly whether in the forum or in the app... the separation of cachly forum from cachly app isn't clearly stated anywhere that I've seen. Thanks.
  2. GeoKey57

    Friends show up on web site but not on iPhone app

    I am not talking about geocaching.com friends. I am talking about the one and only cachly friend I have created... my wife. The web site shows her as a friend but the iPhone app says I have no cachly friends. I just checked again a few minutes ago and she still does not show up. I show up as her friend on the web under her cachly web account and she shows up as my friend in my cachly web account.
  3. GeoKey57

    Can't access Chat

    I'm logged in on the web but when I try to access Chat tab it says I don't have access to the chat room.
  4. My wife and I are new users. I added her as a friend on the web site and she shows up in my Friends list and I can message her and she can message me on the web. When we look at Friends on the iPhone (6 and 6S) it says no friends. Are we doing something wrong or is there a problem? Thanks, GeoKey57