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  1. Thot

    Better Navagation

    I realize this may be too difficult. I used Cachly's navigation to the cache for the first time today. It simply points a straight like to the cache -- like the map function on a handheld. It does not tell you the route. That is, which streets to take and where to turn, etc. If it could just show a zigzag path it would be a big help.
  2. Thot

    Benchmarking on Cachly

    I've been using this method for about 10 years. It gives you current status of the marks. A difference is I download the benchmark data from NGS by county so it is in manageable file sizes. I first put it into GSAK. I wrote a program that then converts a GSAK GPX file to a file that compares the data to the GC.com database and indicates which BMs are in their 20 year old data and show finds. After hunting the mark I report my results to the NGS. I've also written a couple of utilities that make that easier. If you want to read about all this go here factsfacts.com/benchmarking Edited to Add: This approach allows you to put the BM in Google Earth and use the description to create much better coordinates. As was mentioned, the Scaled coordinates on NGS/GC.com are often very bad. After putting them in GSAK you can choose which ones you want to hunt and create an even smaller file which can be exported from GSAK and imported into Cachly.
  3. In the filters you have a thing called "Disable Inactive." Does Inactive me Disabled? If so, consider calling it disabled, as it's a recognized term
  4. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    Thanks for your help. Next time I'm at a cache I'll see if I can find it.
  5. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    My search was for a close cache with a unique name.
  6. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    well, I just searched by name and it worked
  7. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    I searched by GC code. It's there. Does this mean you can't search by cache name?
  8. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    My wife it beckoning me for supper. I'll be back later.
  9. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    I wouldn't know how to find it. It's about 20 miles away. I'm home and using a desktop
  10. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    I did have filters set. Exclude My Finds, My Caches, etc. They are now all turned off
  11. Thot

    Finding the cache I'm at.

    I just did the Reset. This turned off all the filters including Search by Cache Name. Is that what you expected?
  12. I should start by saying I should use cachly more so I become familiar with how everything works. But, I don't have a lot of data time and usually don't need it. Pretty much I only use cachly when I'm at a cache location and can't find it. This is when I fire up cachly to see if there are spoiler pictures. The problem I have with this is, sometimes I can't find the cache I'm at on the screen. I assume the pulsating dot is my location so is the cache symbol hidden under the dot? Also, when I put a word from the cache name in the search box and touch the circular arrow below and to the right of the search box, it does not bring up the cache. Neither does touching the SEARCH beside the text entry area
  13. Thot

    Fetching Pictures From Cache Logs

    Well, well, that worked. Thanks very much. Now as I understand it, to get all pictures in one swellfoop I must somehow get picture links into my GSAK gpx files, right?
  14. Thot

    Fetching Pictures From Cache Logs

    I hate to be dense but I tried to follow your instructions and failed. I selected a cache I know has pictures. On the resulting screen, among the possible actions only Images was grayed out. When I clicked on the dots in the top right of the above screen, I got the following screen and there's nothing about pictures: