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  1. teammoehrke

    Waypoints not saving

    Okay this is getting weird. It was giving me fits yesterday in in Texas when trying to add a waypoint for a Wherigo in Arlington, GC1ME2W. I just tried it again and it is behaving the same. The solution waypoint should be N 32.42.144 W 97 09.632, but when I save the new one it shifts to N 32.49.200 W 97 09.632. Every single time But, and this is where it gets weird, now I’m in Colorado, and when I test it with GC1KCWX up north of here it works perfectly, no changes of digits at all. So, I don’t know. I’ll have to wait to see if the problem reappears, or if there is some odd vortex in that Wherigo. Found the container, BTW.
  2. teammoehrke

    Waypoints not saving

    I’m having the same problem, 5.1.2(3) it doesn’t change whatever is defaulted to when I paste new coords in, and then doesn’t keep the one I edit to. Seems to only affect the North coords, not the West, at least here at GeoWoodstock. I think I remember older versions changing coords on paste, both N & W.