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  1. SaskAcadie

    My adopted caches are not displayed

    The caches O have adopted . show in my hides when viewing ,my profile. An example would be GC44YQZ
  2. SaskAcadie

    My adopted caches are not displayed

    Under the Live action, I have included my hides. All are displayed BUT the ones I have adopted/ They are not included in the list option either. I am running IOS 12.4 on iPhone 6. The app ver is 5.2.22 Thanks for looking into
  3. SaskAcadie

    Cachly on IOS 9.3

    Apparently having an older version of IOS, cachly is no longer being updated. It is at ver 3.0,3 So cachly apparently can no longer renew the API ticket with geocaching.com Is there a solution other than ditching the iPad for a newer one. Thanks