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Found 1 result

  1. I'm a long time user of GSAK and the iGeoKnife iPhone app (before Apple discontinued the app). Since then, I have sorely missed an awesome feature that allowed me to export unsent cache logs to a TXT file. This TXT file could then be emailed from the app as an attachment and then imported into GSAK. This was a simple TXT file that basically contained the GC Code, Log Type, Date/Time stamp, and the cache log text/message. It was a comma separated TXT, which I'm sure I could get the exact file layout if needed. The file is then imported into GSAK to create multiple cache logs that could be uploaded/published to geocaching.com all at once. It was a great feature for logging offline lists en masse, logging a power trail, or logs for caches when there is no good cell service. iGeoKnife had a log setup option where I could enter and save my email and then create/send the file, or delete/reset the existing log so you can start over. The TXT file would then be an email attachment (or you could copy/move it over to your pc when the phone was hooked up to iTunes) I thought that the TXT could be populated using the cache log information in Cachly when the Send Log Now switch is off and the log not sent. Under the More Tab, you could have the TXT Log file setup as an option there where users could enter their email address and save, create the file based on the condition above, or reset/delete the existing TXT file and a new, empty one created. Unless reset, the existing TXT log would simply append itself with any new cache logs that have not yet been sent from the app. I think that this would be an awesome feature that would replace the iGeoKnife app that is no longer available, and reconnect current GSAK users back with a compatible iPhone app. --Razz007
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