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Found 2 results

  1. Yesterday I was visiting an Earthcache where the mobile reception wasn't that great (lost the Signal several times). As always I saved the "answers" to the personal Cache Note. Today when I was launching geocaching.com on the PC, there was no Cache Note. When rechecking the Cachly App, the Note was gone too. (GC9BWNH) Something similar happened with a Multi (GC2GV2R) last week (06.06.2021). I tried to enter corrected coordinates. When saving, on first try I ran into a Timeout. On the second try everything seemed fine and I could navigate to GZ. On the next day when I visited geocaching.com, I noticed that there still were the given coordinates. When checking in the Cachly App, the corrected coordinates where gone too. Cachly version number: 6.2.2 iOS version: 14.6 Device that you are using: iPhone XS If you are a Regular or Premium user of geocaching.com: Premium If needed, I can provide the crash log, although the app didn't crash. Thank you Nic for your support and this great app.
  2. Project-GC, c:geo and others all have option to read corrected coordinates from personal notes. Thus many users have got LOTS of corrected coordinates in a personal note rather than in the corrected coordinates field. Would it be possible when at the point when a cache's full details are retrieved to have an option to update corrected coordinates if coords are detected in the personal note. The regex in the coordinates module could be used to detect the coords in a personal note. NB. It could auto skip the check of personal note if the cache already had corrected coordinates. Thus to the user as they look at a caches details or download an offline list with full details then the corrected coordinates field could be auto updated to reflect the personal note they have stored transparently to the user. It would make Cachly appear to just intelligently find the corrected coordinates and display the icon accordingly.
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