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Found 2 results

  1. First of all: thanks for making this great app. It always makes me happy using it. One question: do you think it would make sense to combine the bookmark lists and the offline lists that you have? I know it is possible to make an offline list from a bookmark list. But currently the offline lists are not stored at geocaching.com, so I do not have access to these lists on web or on other apps. And second, when I look at a cache details, I cannot add that cache to a bookmark list. Third, I think it can be confusing to support two lists of cache lists in the app. I would guess that combining it to an offline bookmark list would be simpler to use and would provide more functionality. I can imagine that a drawback could be that you will have to store more information about the bookmarks lists locally. But if you default to "Lite cache data", I don't think that will be too much data.
  2. gjhimages

    Offline List

    I have been using Cachly since about May 1 and have been very happy with the app. Sooooooooooooo much better then the official Geocache app and the Classic app. For the Offline List is it possible to have these enhancements sometime in the future: 1) Sort the Offline list. The individual folders be able to slide to the desired position. 2) Update one of the folders in the list. i.e Solved Puzzles (all caches inside the specific folder). When I have over 200 in a folder it takes some time to do each one individually. 3) Export the list as a GPX file or something that can be saved from iPhone to iPad, GPS or make a bookmark on Geocaching.com. I have been placing my solved puzzles (>200) from the Classic Geocache app to Cochly one-by-one! Even if I place them into a booklist I would have to place them one-by-one. 4) How to rename each folder. I have two folders with the same name, where one was imported as a booklist and the other was started from within Cachly. Again this is the best geocache app that I have viewed or used. Thanks for making this fantastic app. gjhimages