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Found 1 result

  1. I am new to Cachly and I may be missing something Is it possible to open app in " non Live map mode" using a downloaded vector map? Also load at the same time the saved list appropriate to the location? I am in the UK and have down loaded the UK map and a PQ for my area I would prefer to have that saved map loaded rather use " data" to load a live map. If I turn off my data/wi-fi I get an error message saying internet access not available...... I can then invoke the map but it would be better to go to the saved map from the start. I go overseas a fair bit and don't use data abroad. Thus it is important to use the saved map from the get go. I am not sure how much data is used for " live" but with download data it isn't necessary anyway. Am I missing a toggle switch to turn off " live" or isn't there one? Look forward. Mike Ps currently using L4C which works this way Ios 10.2 IPhone 6 Cachly. Latest version Premium member Pps heard lots of good reports on the app through loads of podcast interviews with Nic et all.
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