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Found 1 result

  1. I have been playing with Cachly functions for merging offline lists and have some questions/comments. With respect to the Merge List function: 1) A minor point, but I find it a bit confusing when I hit the slider on list A and click on Merge Lists. I'm then presented with a list of the Offline Lists to click. I'm never sure whether I'm merging the list I started with to the list I'm about to click or the other way around. This is important since one of them will end up being merged with the other and one of them will be deleted. One improvement might be not listing the Offline list you started with since clicking it would only merge a list with itself (also see (2) below). 2) Another small issue, but this actually happened to me - I had one list left and noticed a bunch of duplicates. I took a chance and decided to merge that list with itself, thinking that might somehow eliminate all of the duplicates. The result was that the app worked for a little while and then ended up deleting the only offline list, leaving me with no offline list at all. Clearly my mistake but it was a bit of an unintended result. Perhaps some warning that you're about to delete the only offline list you have should be displayed? 3) I had anticipated that Merging two offline lists would result in a single offline list which contains a combination of the caches in the two lists, with no duplicates. Rules would need to be established on the attributes of the single cache that replaces all the duplicates. As it stands, it seems the Copy Caches function does the same thing as the Merge Lists function except the Copy Caches function doesn't delete the resulting empty list, but you still end up with duplicates in the resulting combined list. I think I understand the reason for the different Merge vs. Copy functions (i.e. the preservation of the resulting empty list). In my opinion, the elimination of duplicates, using some logical rules would be very valuable. 4) I also saw a post or two that referred to the ability to update cache data on a subset of caches in an offline list. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that because I can't seem to find the search functionality that would result in a subset of the offline list.
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