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  1. Well, each logs I send from Cashly are drafts. So I add one new draft for each above. Before the trip, my drafts were empty (no pending logs). The screenshot above are the drafts created in one geocaching evening. I did not use any other website or apps to add logs. (I only have Cachly opened during the trip). However, between each caches, I sometimes use other apps (like Apple Maps or Waze to find the next cache), or just turn off my phone, or check my emails. And then I go back in Cachly to get the cache data and make a new draft log. I feel that the issue is caused by the fact that I got out of Cachly and then back in for a new log...
  2. In my log template, it show how many finds I have. Even if the first number match what's in geocaching.com, it does not count correctly after, It lost count. My suggestion would be that each time you enter a new log, it goes get the latest data (Nb of Finds + Found Drafts). Please see image and see the count. I have only used Cachly while geocaching.
  3. Oh Yes Nic, I totally understand that! So perhaps the "Number of caches found today" would be more appropriate then the "found this month"... They don't have an API that give you stats about this? Perhaps a quick call to the API when launching the app would enable to have daily/weekly/monthly values??
  4. Hi! Is there a way to display either the last date the cache was found, or the history (those little blue and yellow circles) in the popup available in map view. This way, when we plan our "route" we can quickly know if it's a good cache to search for or if the last 5 was not found (and probably not available anymore) Thanks!
  5. Hi! Were you able to look into this suggestion? Thanks! :)
  6. Would it be possible to add in the keywords template: - Number of caches found today - Number of caches found this month - Cache City This way, when we log the caches, it could write: "This is our 5th cache found today" Thanks!
  7. Attributes are quite important as some disabled attributes makes the cache impossible to reach. Having the information when you look at the map is much easier (quicker) then clicking on the cache, then clicking on attributes to get the information... Yes, that's what I am doing so far... Anyways, it's just an idea... Just wanted to show you an example of the look. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi Nic, I was thinking of this idea and perhaps you could just put attributed that are disabled. Here is a quick photoshop example. For us, with all the snow, it's a good thing to know quick if it's available in winter. However, I think that showing all disable attributes would be helpful for everyone. And there should have maybe a maximum of 3-4 icons, maybe the most relevant (attributes like winter where you will definitely not find the cache)
  9. Thanks Nic. I don't use all 5000 API calls a day so having an option for "Full Cache Downloading" when looking at the map could be a good idea. And then the attributes icons could appear under difficulty icons. Or you can maybe do an option to get full cache info when you click on it? Or just at a certain zoom level? Awesome!
  10. I am not sure what is the exact name in English (i’m using the French version). But there is a function that highlight the caches (in French is Mettre en évidence). It would be awesome if Cachly could synchronise this between ipad and iPhone versions. I normally use my ipad to plan my geocaching trips, so If i could highlight caches and then when i’m in the field, I see the same exact highlighted caches, making it easy, especially for quick trips (such as lunch break geocaching!) Also, the highlight tag should not be removed when the cache is updated... I just planned my lunch break caches and the highlight were all removed when I tried to refresh another area...
  11. Hi. As I use the iPad app to prepare my cache list (thanks for 4.0 btw!), something that would be really useful for me is to be able to see the attributes directly on the summary pop up of the cache. Here, in canada, the Winter attributes is quite important, as non-winter cache would probably be burried under 3ft of snow, so there is no point on getting them. Now I have to click on the cache icon, then click on the summary, then click on attributes. Quite long when you look at multiple caches to plan the trip. My suggestion would be to add a small version of the attributes icons under the Difficulty icons in the cache summary pop up (see attached file) Thanks!
  12. Raiden38

    French Issue

    Hi. In the latest update (Awesome by the way!!), you have changed Bookmarks for Lists however in French, the menu still show Bookmarks (Signets) while the list page does show list (Liste). The menu should be changed to “Listes”. Here is screenshots:
  13. Nic, this is great news, thanks so much. Can’t wait to try it. Do you need something? I have a TB at home with a QR code, if you need data or testing. As for OCR, I did’nt know about TBScan (like rragan suggested), I will try it out, thanks! However, if someday you which to use OCR to to recognize the TB codes, I suggest you do it in the app and not outside as rragan suggested. There is no need to build an separate app with the same features then another app that already exist. The idea is to be able to quickly scan a code directly from Cachly. Thanks again! Steven
  14. Hi Nic, Any updates on this? I found a few TB this week end that had QRCodes on it. Would make it much easier then entering all the letters. I'm pushing my luck here, but I know that some apps can recognise letters and numbers from the camera. Perhaps if there is an API availble for it, you would be able to just put the TB near the camera and it will decode the letters/numbers?.. If not, just a QR Code reader would be nice!
  15. Hi Nic, The AW3 does not have a compass however you can use GPS coordinates to know what direction you are heading (just like my Garmin eTrex 20 I use for geocaching). If you don't want to display direction, just displaying the distance from the watch to the cache would be more then enough as the number would get lower if you are in the good direction. However, maybe you can start by doing a smaller app that can display the surrounding caches list, with distance from your location and when you click on it, you get name/description/clue/attributes and latest comments. You can then improve the app to add live distance to the cache (and maybe direction if you want to calculate when you are heading based on the GPS) You could even ave an option to mark the cache as Found or DNF as a draft and then complete it on your phone. I have a AW3 watch with LTE and I really hope I could use Cachly on it! There is another Geocaching app that have an AppleWatch app but I have to say that the iphone app is really bad. However the AW app is usefull to find surrounding caches. Thanks!
  16. Hi. I'm trying to calculate 187.44m @ 30.73deg from N 45° 39.250' W 073° 46.069' However, when I try to calculate it in Cachy, it sends me very very far away. Actually, entering 187,44m gives the same coordinates then if I enter 18744m (without the comma). I guess I should put a dot instead of a comma however the keypad is numeric and the only choice I have is to put a comma. Can you please do a fix that would accept commas just like dots? Thanks!
  17. It was just a way to automaticly sync the two list when setup instead of manually go into other/bookmarks and then save the list in favorites, in order to update it. The list would have to have the same name and be setup to be synced. I understand the oposite cannot be done.
  18. Sorry did'nt think of the API limit... Not sure how to do it then... Perhaps selecting which list you want to auto-update? And capping the selection to xxxx caches? (Maybe 50-75% of your daily limit) I would update once a day maximum, once the app is opened.
  19. https://shop.geocaching.com/default/new-geocaching-qr-travel-bugr-black.html Unless it's something else that I don't understand... I saw one in a cache and thought that it's a great idea!
  20. Yes, I know that. But both are lists therefore I put the suggestion to have both lists in the same tab, separated by a divider... I don't want to have them mixed together... Just under the same bottom menu icon, seperated. Offline - List1 - List2 - List3 Bookmarks - List1 - List2 - List3
  21. Where is that?? I don't see anything as "has trackables" in search options... Here is my list (It's in french so this is a rough translation) - Found - My Caches - Not Ignored - Actives -Not Archived - Non-Premium - Premium Only - Withoug GPS Corrections - With GPS Corrections - Use map center in search - Search on map Thanks
  22. Add an option to fully auto-update the offline lists when connected to a Wi-Fi network. With full cache informations.
  23. Currently you can save any bookmarks lists (in others) in the offline tab for offline use. However, if you update your bookmark list, you need to go back and resave it again. Please add an option to synchronise automaticaly the lists so it's always up to date on both sides (If you delete a cache in the bookmark, it will delete from offline. Same thing if you delete from offline, it delete it from bookmarks, if api makes it possible)
  24. ** As discussed in another forum thread. Just wanted to make the request official ** Change the Offline icon at the bottom of the tool for "Lists". Inside it, include the current offline list as usual, then add a divider and add the bookmarks that you find in the "other" menu. That would make all your list at 1 place and make access easier for people (like me) who creates their lists on the geocaching.com website. Thanks!
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