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  1. OK this is clear now. That's really bad from groundspeak to force players to subscribe premium that way. For a family, with several accounts, it can be quite an expense if every player needs a premium account to be able to use its smartphone application for something else than traditional caches. Thanks for explaining.
  2. Well, the bug I faced with my account was not fixed by this search reset. Even after a reset, cachly said "at least on cache type must be selected". Anyway, after removing and reinstalling the app, it was ok for me. My daughter didn't change any setting about cache type in any way and she can only view traditional caches. This is not fixed by removing/installing the app. It occurs since she installed the app, on May 20th, and can be seen everyday even if the search setting is for every kind of caches. How long is she supposed to wait before groundspeak releases her search possibilities ? She's also using 2.0.3 cachly version, with iOS10.3.2.
  3. Thanks. I'm not sure that the explaination though. Here is why I doubt. While testing with Cachly 2.0.3 (4) on my iPad (iOS 9.3.5), I finally faced such a trouble with my own account : with my account some caches were not displayed (mine). After checking the settings, I saw that my own caches were not supposed to be excluded. Worst, no cache type, no D/T and no cache size can be selected/deselected. Whatever I select, Cachly says that at least one type must be selected. Only possibility is to kill the app and restart it. I tried a couple of times with same result. Well, let's assume it's groundspeak restriction. Then why does it work for my account on other device (same cachly version, iOS 10.3.1) ? While for my daughter it works with no device. Also after removing Cachly and re-install it on the iPad, the bug disappeared for my account (still remains for my daughter's account). It looks like a "search" function settings bug.
  4. Hello. I'm a frequent user of Cachly and a premium geocaching member. My daughter is also geocacher but basic member. I suggested her to use Cachly. She acquired it and installed it on her iPhone. Unfortunately she can only see traditional caches on the map or on the list mode. We tried on several devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPad 3) with the same result : connecting with my account, we see many types of caches all available both for premium and basic members but reconnecting with her account we see only the traditional caches. There is no difference in our settings : only premium/basic difference. More than that : while being connected to cachly with her account, if we use filter like displaying only mystery caches, then it displays the tradi caches anyway. What could go wrong ?
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