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  1. Thanks for the reply......I was only able to save as a gpx and then open them on my iPhone--although I could only add them as an offline list.  It won't allow me to to save offline geocaches to geocaching.com .  Is there a way to import any of the info from the offline geocaches into geocaching.com so I don't have to retype all the info? 

  2. I am used the Cachly app to help plan a kayak power trail.  After making the offline geocaches in the Cachly App and adding them to an offline list.  I did this on my iPad.  Is there a way to transfer that list to my iPhone?  When I do to map view and "add them to a list"  my potential new geocaches do not show up.  So how can I get this list to my iPhone?  

  3. Having trouble with highlights. I highlighted several offline lists and named them. Later, after logging out and returning, the labels are back to color names and all lists that I highlighted are red. What am I doing wrong here?

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