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  1. Thanks for the reply......I was only able to save as a gpx and then open them on my iPhone--although I could only add them as an offline list. It won't allow me to to save offline geocaches to geocaching.com . Is there a way to import any of the info from the offline geocaches into geocaching.com so I don't have to retype all the info?
  2. I am used the Cachly app to help plan a kayak power trail. After making the offline geocaches in the Cachly App and adding them to an offline list. I did this on my iPad. Is there a way to transfer that list to my iPhone? When I do to map view and "add them to a list" my potential new geocaches do not show up. So how can I get this list to my iPhone?
  3. Is there any way to change the order that offline list appear? It seems that it goes by the most recently modified goes up top. I want to move lists in a specific order—a drag and drop method would be great.
  4. I only have the 1 device with this apple id. I am signed in to icloud but I'm a google user so most of my icloud choices are turned off. What specifically should i turn on in icloud?
  5. Having trouble with highlights. I highlighted several offline lists and named them. Later, after logging out and returning, the labels are back to color names and all lists that I highlighted are red. What am I doing wrong here?
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