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  1. Southern Traveler

    Downloading offline maps

    You are wrong about that. At Geocaching website I generate all my pocket queries from a bookmark list. You have that optiondpwn at the bottom of the bookmark list page.
  2. Southern Traveler

    Downloading offline maps

    I thought that if she hsares her bookmark list with me and it has been made public by her and shared,then I could use it and it would have corrected coords. canshe generate a pocket query and somehow send it to me so that I can getitonto,y iphone?
  3. Southern Traveler

    Downloading offline maps

    OK Thanks, my biggime mistake. now what I was trying to do was take a bookmark list that my geocaching partner made which she has as Share and Public. The bookmark consists of all puzzzle caches which she has solved and I will use when we cache together for them. She entered the corrected coords into the geo page and saved them. Since I am logged into Cachly with my own name, how do I get her bookmark list to my phone and keep the corrected coords for phone entry?
  4. Southern Traveler

    Downloading offline maps

  5. Southern Traveler

    Downloading offline maps

    I am trying to learn how to get needed info to my Iphone. I generated a bookmark list and then I did a pocket query. The pocket query shows up on my phone but when I click on it in off.ine mode, I don't see a map. Just the cache icons. i am in Michigan now and the PQ I did was for Florida. I went to the Download Offline Maps page and navigated to the Florida page (80.6 MB) and suposedly downloaded it. THe little circle showed the progree, but now when I select the Florida map,there is nothing thereexcept the two caches. Why?