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  1. Found the cache, tagged it as found in cachly. Went to pending geocache logs and wrote the log (with an Apple IOS emoji) at the end of the log. Hit the send log now and there is no error message - but the log never reaches geocaching .com. Been happening a while now, most annoying, as I have no idea how many logs have disappeared. Is there a fix in the future? I use a lot of emojis, and have just noticed this issue - do I have to write all my logs on geocaching.com in the future
  2. Many thanks for such a quick response Nic Hubbard. I have since checked my drafts and I think that all eight of the logs listed were caches that didn’t go through to geocaching.com, but by luck I noticed that and logged them directly to geocaching.com. On Cachly I had the ‘Save as draft’ button on so you may have found the answer to my problem. I have now turned that button ‘off’ and hope that will fix my problem in future. As you can tell I am not at all tech savvy so thanks very much for your help.