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  1. Bernd

    Apple Watch nearby cash

    Ok, this would be great. Thank you for your investigation.
  2. Bernd

    Apple Watch nearby cash

    I have tried the restart, but unfortunately it doesn't help.
  3. Bernd

    Apple Watch nearby cash

    THX in advance. This feature would be very interesting for me, because the watch functionality was my motivation to buy this app.
  4. Bernd

    Apple Watch nearby cash

    I got the same error message on my iWatch4. German: "Fehler Die Daten konnten nicht gelesen werden, da sie nicht das richtige Format haben" Translation: "Error Data not readable, because data are not in the correct format" I have installed the app a few days before, so it is a totally new and fresh installation. I have opened the app on my phone, can see my location and caches around. The nearby function on the watch is sometimes working, sometimes not, without changing any setup. Very strange! On the phone the filters for "Own caches" and "Own founds" are set.