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  1. dpalin

    Startup location

    Happened again Wednesday morning and today, I was in Salmon creek. Some screen captures below. The only filters I had set were to exclude my finds and hides. I did have Google maps setup with a destination if that makes a difference, I knew where I was going more for the distance there and best parking position. I can send today's as well but both had the same starting location. Wednesday I was using mobile data and today I was in my driveway in East Vancouver still connected to my home WiFi. I hope this helps. Doug
  2. dpalin

    Startup location

    In the filtering section with the "LIMIT TO STATE AND COUNTRY" when I select US State it is not on any specific state and likewise with Country same thing. It is not doing it now so I guess I will check those settings next time I see it happen, most recently was yesterday morning. I don't think I changed any settings, it just opens up like that.
  3. dpalin

    Startup location

    Filtering is not on at the moment but it is inconsistent in that it does not do it all the time, I have killed the app a couple times this morning and it seems to now be going back to my present location (arg). I usually have it set to exclude my finds and hides is all that is ever enabled in the filtering, I don't see a location setting in the filter settings. I was not able to make the event yesterday, had something come up but had planned too originally.
  4. dpalin

    Startup location

    When I startup cachly 5.0 on my iOS 12.1.4 it will show caches in the UK but not my actual location as there. I can then scroll to Vancouver, WA (my location) and do a refresh and see local caches. This seems to be a bit inconsistent in that sometimes it will find and show my location correctly with caches around me. Is there a setting so that it goes to my location by default. Thanks!