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Pocket query doesn't update personal note or images


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I regularly update my offline lists with pocket queries.  From using Cachly (rather than specific testing), it seems images aren't downloaded and personal notes aren't updated?

This means I need to rely on cell reception if I want to see images for a cache in an offline list, and personal notes can be out of date.

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Thanks Nic, great to know about the ability to add images.

I've just tested the personal notes and they're definitely not being updated.  Maybe because it's an existing offline cache?

  1. I checked that the notes of an already existing offline cache and the notes on the website were the same
  2. I edited the notes on the website to add a line
  3. I created a new pocket query which included that cache
  4. I downloaded the pocket query, through the '…more' tab, into a new list
  5. The notes weren't updated
  6. I dragged the cache page down to force a refresh, and the notes were updated

Cachly 7.1.1 (1), iOS 16.1

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