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Turn by Turn Navigation

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Somebody explained to me a while back how to do this but I've forgotten and my link to the message with the explanation no longer works

So, I've selected a cache, then I click the compass looking thing at the bottom right which gives me the red pointer line.  Then I tap the stack of three white papers and select Google Maps which still shows the pointer.  Now, what do I do to get turn by turn navigation? 

Perhaps I should mention, when I click the yellow man I get a photograph.

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What you are doing initially is correct BUT INSTEAD of tapping the 'stack of papers' (i.e. choice of maps), click the circle with three-dots at top right of the screen, then select Google Maps and the "Google Maps" App will open automatically ... choose from any alternative routes offered and press "Start". I use Cachly's navigate to cache all the time, through the vehicle's "CarPlay".

If you are still having problems, check you have the "Google Maps" App installed and that it is working separately from Cachly.

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