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Map Track Log to Visualize and store Travel Path


Track logs are the line (aka breadcrumb line) that appears on your map as you're traveling.  All GPS receivers and most other applications provide track logs and these features are useful when navigating. 

Examples of Track Log perks:

  • Track logs, in urban areas will quickly show you which lamppost / trees / bushes you've searched and which ones you've missed.
  • Track logs, in wilderness areas will help you can visually grid off a search area to make sure you search everywhere within a range of the cache without missing a spot.
  • Track logs will show you if you've been leaning or focusing on one area near the cache but not another.
  • Track logs help you quickly navigate back and see which turns you may have taken to ensure you find your way back to your car quickly without getting lost.
  • Track logs show your entry point and/or parking spot at a cache location.
  • Track logs help you verify if you've found or been near a cache but didn't log it.
  • Track logs have been a common core component of GPS navigation since the beginning of Geocaching and most experienced cachers are very dependent and understanding of how they work. 
  • Track logs can be exported and shared with other cachers to aid in cache trip planning.

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