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Autolock on iPhone whilst navigating


I first started using Cachly when it had not been out long and suggested that it was annoying when using “navigate to cache” that the phone screen kept timing out, and one had to keep on logging back in to phone. You listened and for years we have had the navigate to cache overriding the autolock on the phone. However I notice with the recent upgrade that we are back to the map/phone timing out after a minute or so. Soooo frustrating. Is this a policy decisions? Means that really each time I go out caching I have to remember to go to settings and turn autolock to never, and then of course remember to turn it back on later :(

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5.0.2 is available to download. Launch the App Store on your iPhone and if it Cachly doesn't already show as updated, look for it again in the app store, select it and pull down the screen and see if that does the trick to force checking for the update. 

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