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Found 2 results

  1. After a Pocket Query is downloaded on the "Pocket Queries" screen, there is no indication left behind that the download has completed and when it was last done. I think it would be a nice addition to Cachly if the individual Queries could be marked in some way (a background or typeface colour change maybe) to indicate that they have already been downloaded. Not sure if it's possible to extend this by having the original colour return if the Pocket Query is refreshed at geocaching.com (which would indicate it needs re-downloading into Cachly). The addition of the date of download (space permitting) would also be a great feature.
  2. Caches within pocket queries which contain corrected coordinates (for example, puzzles which have been solved), contain the corrected coordinates. Often a CO will state that the posted coordinates for a puzzle cache are not the cache coordinates but might be a good place to park or show where a trail head is. When the corrected coordinates are downloaded with the pocket query, are the originally posted coordinates also downloaded as a waypoint somewhere? It appears as if there is a waypoint which in the cases I've checked, contains the same corrected coordinates. It would be great if the original coordinates were preserved as another waypoint in the cache data.
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