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Found 7 results

  1. If you look in the cache details, you will find the lists, a cache is listed in: In my old app "l4c" there was a checkmark in front of every list item. You could easily add or remove a single cache to a list by tapping on that icon. Additionally there was an icon on top of the page to create new lists: So it was easy to plan a tour by adding caches to the list without leaving the cache-page.
  2. Hi Nic, Team, I noticed when I export a list to GPX and mail it to myself or others, the GPX-file is zipped. Because it is zipped, a receiver of the GPX-file cannot import it directly into Cachly. Is there a reason why the file is zipped (beyond the obvious answer to make the file smaller)? Or is there a work around to import a zipped GPX-file directly into Cachly? If not, can you add a setting or option to Cachly to decide as the sender to have the file sent as plain GPX or Zipped-GPX? Thank you!
  3. Just a tweak rather than a feature. Could we see the last updated date under each offline list, rather than the created date. Im not sure about others, but I use that date to know when I last updated my database, and if I have forgotten to import my latest PQs.
  4. I have been playing with Cachly functions for merging offline lists and have some questions/comments. With respect to the Merge List function: 1) A minor point, but I find it a bit confusing when I hit the slider on list A and click on Merge Lists. I'm then presented with a list of the Offline Lists to click. I'm never sure whether I'm merging the list I started with to the list I'm about to click or the other way around. This is important since one of them will end up being merged with the other and one of them will be deleted. One improvement might be not listing the Offline list you started with since clicking it would only merge a list with itself (also see (2) below). 2) Another small issue, but this actually happened to me - I had one list left and noticed a bunch of duplicates. I took a chance and decided to merge that list with itself, thinking that might somehow eliminate all of the duplicates. The result was that the app worked for a little while and then ended up deleting the only offline list, leaving me with no offline list at all. Clearly my mistake but it was a bit of an unintended result. Perhaps some warning that you're about to delete the only offline list you have should be displayed? 3) I had anticipated that Merging two offline lists would result in a single offline list which contains a combination of the caches in the two lists, with no duplicates. Rules would need to be established on the attributes of the single cache that replaces all the duplicates. As it stands, it seems the Copy Caches function does the same thing as the Merge Lists function except the Copy Caches function doesn't delete the resulting empty list, but you still end up with duplicates in the resulting combined list. I think I understand the reason for the different Merge vs. Copy functions (i.e. the preservation of the resulting empty list). In my opinion, the elimination of duplicates, using some logical rules would be very valuable. 4) I also saw a post or two that referred to the ability to update cache data on a subset of caches in an offline list. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that because I can't seem to find the search functionality that would result in a subset of the offline list.
  5. Hello, saving to a list does not work, when there's no cellular, nor wifi connection. It's quite often actually, when I need it. As in Groundspeak's Geocaching Classic, cachly can safely save at least details it already has - what I can see in the cache details, it's already on the device, there is no need to download anything. Thanks, Miro
  6. Use case: 1. search for a cache using a GC code 2. click on it, go to details 3. press ... 4. Save to offline list 5. select a list cachly offers to save cache details, including images, but NOT the map cachly should offer also map for saving, for example the standard 150 meters around it, or user selectable This map saving works if I use a map to search the caches, but not for a single one. Thanks, Miro
  7. Hello, Just downloaded Cachly after hearing about it through PodCacher. Love all of the features included in this app that aren't included in other apps. One thing I would like to see is the ability to download bookmark lists that have already been created through geocaching.com. I know I can make new lists to download, but it would be much easier to download a list that has already been created. Also as previously mentioned in another post (which it sounds like you are already working on) is a live map. I love this feature about the official geocaching app, and would love to see it on Cachly! Thank you for your contribution to the Caching community! Tristen
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