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  1. Yeah, I've tried that. But I would like a different text depending on the TB.
    I would like to make a different log depending on the TB on the CM, NC cloth badge, and coin used. They all have other purposes.
    Perhaps you could do it so that you could configure a log entry for visits on the TBs. This entry is then used when adding to a cache log for a visit. If there is no entry on the TB, it takes the entry from the templates.
    It would also help if you could mark TBs, which should always be used for a visit.

  2. +1

    And the possibility to configure a separate default log for each default TB for visiting.
    It would also be great to configure a default log text for a TB that you can use when needed, which is not part of the default log TBs. For example, I don't drive with my CM to every Cache. But if I do, I would like to enable the TB with his default log text and not the template text.

  3. On 8/17/2021 at 4:03 PM, Nic Hubbard said:

    What is the use case for this?

    I think that's a good suggestion too.

    The use case is that I save time when I see several caches in one area and I want to briefly see who the owner is. Otherwise I have to wait each time until the details are open, then go back, and then I have to know which ones I've already looked at before I choose the next one.

  4. At the moment, I'm doing exactly that because I find changing the standard template so time-consuming.

    Usually, I visit several Caches, one after the other on the same day, and use the same template. The next time I go, I have a different constellation, and so I have to change the template that is used by default. When I create the first log, I have to navigate through the menu, delete the inserted template, set another one as the default, and insert another one manually.

  5. First of all, I like Cachly really! Thanks for that great tool! I have only one wish at the moment.

    I use templates regularly. I have created several templates for this. However, I would like to switch, and select the templates would be a bit easier.

    At the moment, I have to switch from under "More" to "Settings", from there to "Templates", and then to "Text templates". I would like this to be directly under "More", e.g. after the "Pending ..." or between "Settings" and "Downloads". Simply in such a way that you can quickly and directly switch to "text templates" and thus change the standard template without navigating in-depth.
    Then possibly place the "Options" for the templates (e.g. "Activate text templates") on the right-hand side next to "Edit".

    So it would be easier to change the template before creating the next log. Otherwise, you must delete the log, define the standard, and then insert it again. That's unhandy.

  6. Since it has now worked again, I can actually exclude my WLAN. Mobile data wouldn't work either!

    But I don't think that it will be resolved in the long term. Because access to the forum is still not very reliable.

    I use the largest provider in Switzerland for landline and mobile (indirect). The only thing I could explain to myself if Swisscom had a problem in general. But I can hardly imagine that.

    Since I now have the maps, it's OK for me. If I'm in a different WLAN, with a different provider, then I can try. But that could take a while.