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    Locked tracking

    Don't know if my title is right, but I've been using Cachly for a while now (finally decided to move from Looking4Cache Pro) and for the most parts I like Cachly better. One thing i really really miss from Looking4Cache is that when I set different modes like tracking my movement, tracking my movement with my direction of travel being up etc it will be "locked". In Cachly you just need to touch the screen and the current mode resets to not track. This often happens when I'm trying to zoom in/out or just when I unintentionally touches the screen. I like the fact that I can move around (with my finger) on the map and it resets back to my location after just a second or two. In my opinion it would be nice if it was possible to lock the different modes for example if you long press the icon it would lock the current mode until you long press it again. What do you think about that idea?
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    Nic Hubbard

    Locked tracking

    This is something that I have on my list and hope to get it added to a future version. Thanks!