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The Waypoints screen shows you information about additional locations related to the currently selected cache. In the title area you can flip between Cache and User waypoints. Cache waypoints are those defined by the cache owner in the cache listing and might include things like Parking, Trailhead, or the visible stages of a multicache.

User waypoints are those created by you. The most common reason for wanting to create one is to enter the Corrected Coordinates of a solved mystery cache or the next stage of a multi when not directly provided by the cache owner. Some COs have placed coordinates in the cache description. You might want to add these as waypoints.

Add a Waypoint

Tap the + in the upper right to start creating a user-defined waypoint. You will see a screen like this:


Enter a title for the waypoint. The Cache Code line tells you which cache "owns" the waypoint.

The main thing you need for a waypoint is coordinates. There are two ways to enter coordinates on this screen, and you can use whichever suits you best. The Latitude and Longitude lines let you adjust the digits of the coordinate with iOS rotor wheels.

The initial value for Latitude/Longitude can be from Current Location or Geocache Location. Choose which your preference and then adjust the initial value. Notice that tapping these initial values resets the rotor wheels and also fills the coordinate value into the Coordinate Text Input field. That field can be edited using standard iOS text editing or you can paste in coordinates you have from somewhere else like a checker.

It is important to set Is Corrected Coordinate switch if this is something like the final location of a solved puzzle/mystery cache or perhaps the final stage of a multi-cache. Waypoints that are marked as corrected coordinates will be synced back to geocaching.com, and future use of Navigate to Cache will set the target to the corrected coordinates by default.

Deep Dive: More on corrected coordinates

When you have your waypoint coordinates setup, tap Save in the upper right. You will then see all the user-defined waypoints you have.


In the above example, we have a Meeting Point and a Coordinate Override reflecting a corrected coordinate waypoint.

Tip:You can save time by omitting the title for a corrected coordinate waypoint. It is not used.

You can tap ... next to a waypoint to perform any of these actions:

Translate with Google
Copy Coordinates

Tip: A swipe left on a waypoint offers a shortcut to Delete.

Projecting a Waypoint

Sometimes multicaches or field puzzles will require you to calculate the coordinates for a waypoint based on a different given location. This is called projecting a waypoint. Cachly's waypoint projection tool makes this easy. Simply provide a direction (sometimes called heading) and a distance. Together, these define a new set of coordinates.

At the bottom of the Waypoints screen you will see the action to use the projection tool.


The project waypoint screen is:


Say your instructions are "Project a waypoint at 240 degrees and a distance of 127 feet". You would enter 240 in the Degrees field and 127 in the Distance field and choose the Unit of measurement to be feet. Then the projected coordinate value appears in the Result field. Tap Done in the upper right and you return to the Add Waypoint screen with the projected coordinates filled in for you. Just enter a title and tap Save to finish.