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The user profile screen will display various information about a user. The user's avatar and banner image will be shown at the top of the screen. Below their caching name and image are icons that you can use to text them, phone them or email them. Note that these communication actions depend on there being information for the user in your iOS Contacts.


Available information on the profile screen is:

  • Finds - a count of the number of Finds.
  • Hides - a count of the number of cache hides. Tapping through will display a map of all active hides by this user.
  • Logs - View logs by this user
  • Trackables - View Trackables held by this user
  • Favorites - See count of Favorites available and total earned. See Map/List of favorites awarded.
  • Souvenirs - See souvenirs earned
  • Lists - See bookmark lists owned by this user. You can download a bookmark list to an offline list here.
  • Gallery - Images added by this user
  • View online profile - Go to a web page showing the profile
  • Found Cache Types - Number of caches of each type found
  • Hide Cache Types - Number of cache hides of each type