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This screen allows customization of Cachly settings.

Measurement Use Metric System

Maps and Navigation Automatic Search on Start Show Cache Radius Prevent Map Rotation Clear Map on Refresh Allow Compass Calibration Show Heading Indicator Show FTF Indicator User Location Overlay Map Fit to Map

Rotation Lock

Display Recent Logs Use Smilies Cache details of recent log dots will use smilies and DNF frowns instead of colors.

Offline List Clustering Use Map Clustering Clust Grouping Cluster Threshold Max Zoom Level Restore Defaults Note: Clustering is used only for Offline Lists

Log Defaults Send Log Now Save as Draft Log Type

Text Templates Text Templates Enable Log Type Templates

Did Not Find (DNF) Show Cache Type on Map When enabled, this option will show the cache type and DNF at the same time.

Found But Not Logged Clear All Checkmarks Clearing Found But Not Logged checkmarks will remove checkmarks from all caches and delete this database.

Pocket Queries Download Images

GSAK User Flag Sets Highlight Setting the user flag in GSAK will highlight that cache when importing the GPX

Sorting Re-sort on location updates If sorting is set to distance and this option will allow the caches list to be re-sorted with each new location update.

Misc Decode Hint