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Pending Cache Logs

If you have cache logging configured to save logs locally and do not upload to, the pending logs will be listed here. There will be an indicator on the More Tab showing the number of pending logs.

Pending Log Indicator.png In this case there are two logs pending.

300px-Pending Log List-4.3.png
Tapping the Pending Geocache Logs menu item will take you to a listing of the logs in reverse order of the date and time that the log was created. To exit the list, tap the back arrow on the top of the screen.

Tapping a log on the list will open the log and allow you to edit it in the same way as described in the Log Cache section.

When logs on the list are ready for submission after editing (if necessary) then they can be submitted to individually, as a list of selected items or all the logs.

  • Submit Individually - Tap each log entry in the Pending Log view and change the "Send Log Now switch to on and then click Send Now.
  • Submit a list of Selected Items - Tap the ... in the top right corner and click "Select Logs". This will enable you to select individual logs by tapping them. Once you have selected all the logs you want to submit tap Submit Selected Logs at the bottom of the list.
  • Submit all logs - Tap Submit All Logs at the bottom of the list of logs. This will submit all the logs on the Pending Logs list.

Note that if the logs are not final and you have decided to submit them as drafts (indicated in red on the log listing) then you will still have to go to your Dashboard to submit them as final logs.

To export your logs or to delete the full list you tap the ... on the top right and tap appropriate option.

Swiping left on the log will give you the option of deleting the individual log or viewing the cache to which the log relates. To delete the log, tap the red Delete block. To view the Cache Details, tap Options and View cache.

300px-Pending Log Options-4.3.png

Pending Trackable Logs

If you have cache logging configured to Save trackable logs locally and not to Send Now then pending logs will be listed here. The functionality of Pending Trackable Logs is exactly the same as for Pending Cache Logs. Logs can be edited, submitted, or deleted in exactly the same way as indicated above.