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When selecting Navigate to Cache a new window will open with two tabs, namely Map and Compass. The Map tab is opened as a default.

Navigation Map.png
Navigation Compass.png

Map View

The map will show a direct line from your current position to the cache location. If there are additional waypoints (eg parking, trail head, etc) for the cache then these will be displayed on the map view. On the top left of the screen is an arrow that will take you back to the cache details page. On the top right of the screen are three rots (...) which will allow you to select routing software that is installed on your device that will allow you to be routed to the cache or waypoint selected.

Compass View

The compass view has a pointer that will point directly to the cache or selected waypoint. The distance and GPS accuracy is also shown. The compass view also has the ... that can be selected as above.