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Map View


The map will show a direct line from your current position to the cache location.

If there are additional waypoints (e.g. parking, trail head, etc.) for the cache, then these will be displayed on the map view. Further, other caches near the route will be displayed. This can be handy if you see something you want to grab along the way.

Additional waypoints can be selected as your target by tapping them on the screen. See below for the appearance of some waypoint types.

On the top right of the screen is the ••• action button which will allow you to select routing apps that are installed on your device, e.g. Apple maps, Google maps, Magic Earth, Waze etc. By selecting one of these apps you will be routed to the destination by the selected app.

On the top left of the screen is an arrow that, when tapped, will take you back to the Cache Details.

At the bottom right of the map are three buttons.

  • Zoom: Tap target icon to zoom the view in to the target pin. Tap again to show both the target and your current location.
  • Map Options Icon: Tap to select a map provider (Apple Maps, Offline Maps, etc.).
  • Show Current Location: Tap to cycle through the map follow modes. The first tap will fill in the arrow and locks the map view to your current location. As you move, the map will move with you and remain centered on your current location. The orientation (rotation) of the map will not change. The second tap rotates the map to correspond with the direction you are traveling. You are in this mode when the arrow on the icon points up with a line coming out of the bottom. A third tap turns off follow modes, breaking the association between the map view and your current location. Continue tapping to cycle through the options.


  • To the left of the buttons is an icon of a little man. Tap this to use Google Street View to look at the area of the cache. If you get a black screen with the message "Cannot reach server" this means there is no Street View data for that cache area. Street View can be very handy to look around for parking spots near the cache. Use the < arrow to exit Street View and return to general Google Maps. The "Cachly" link in the upper left corner will take you back to Cachly. Note: Street view only works if you have the Google Maps app installed.

Compass View

The compass view has a pointer that will point directly to the cache or selected waypoint. The distance and GPS accuracy is also shown. The compass view also has the ••• action button that can be selected as above.

Your Current Position (coordinates) and the position of the selected waypoint (Destination) will be shown at the bottom. Compass5.jpg


Caches can have associated waypoints marking useful locations like Parking, Trailhead, etc. They are all map pins with a distinctive symbol enclosed. The waypoints are numbered so if you have, say multiple parking waypoints, you see P01, P02, etc. A generic waypoint is just a red map pin with no symbol. The below pictures shows a parking waypoint and a trailhead waypoint.
Parking and Trailhead Waypoints

If you tap on a waypoint icon, you can see the full description text, coordinates and a ... menu to translate the text or set it as the target.