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Title Bar

You can logout of Cachly by tapping Logout on the top right of the Title Bar. You will need to logout if you want to login as a different user. To login as a different user, note the option at the bottom of the Agree screen you see during login to do this.

Warning: Your details get validated on so if you logout you will need to have internet access to log back in again

Logged in as

If you tap this bar you will be taken to your User Profile where you can see personal statistics, and other information downloaded from


Tap Settings to set up the defaults for your App, including setting up Text Templates to be used for logging.


This screen provides a summary of the storage you are using and how much of your daily calls to the Live API remain. The display includes:

  • Cache Images: You can delete all the local images if you need the space. They can be re-downloaded later.
  • Offline Maps: You can delete all the offline maps if you need the space. They can be re-downloaded later when you have a data connection.
  • Database: The size of the Cachly database
  • Backups: The size of space used by backups. They can be deleted if you need the space.
  • Database Objects: The number of database objects by type.
  • API Limits
    • Lite: Number remaining and time to reset
    • Full: Number remaining and time to reset


This shows a chronological list of caches you have looked at in Cachly. The most recent is at the top of the list. Scroll down to see older ones. Tapping one opens a view of the cache entry that you can use or refer to. Swipe left on an entry to delete it. Note that this list is synched through iCloud so if you have multiple devices the History will be shared.

Tip: Clear in the upper right corner, will clear all the History entries.


This screen shows image and map downloads that are current in progress. They can be paused or cancelled from this screen.

Tip: The image downloads happen in background and will be paused when you exit the app. The download will resume when you open the app again.

Message Center

Tapping this will take you to the website and will open the Message Center page.


See Friends.

Pending Geocache Logs

See Pending Logs.

Pending Trackable Logs

See Pending Trackable Logs.

Pocket Queries

Pocket Queries are a premium member only feature.

This will connect Cachly with any Pocket Queries (PQ) available for download on []. If you have a PQ available for download, Cachly will list it along with the number of caches in the PQ and date/time the PQ was generated. Clicking the cloud download icon to the right of the PQ name will download the PQ to your phone. When the download is completed, the cloud download icon will be replaced by a checkmark. Each downloaded PQ will show as a new Offline List.

Note that your My Finds PQ is not one that can be downloaded. does not show this as a downloadable PQ like it shows the others. You can download the PQ GPX file by another means and load it into Cachly from DropBox maybe or mailing it to yourself but you can't use this Pocket Query option.

Load GPX caches by Dropbox
Load GPX via email

Find Users

Cachly's Find Users facility gives you a place to search for a fellow cacher by their caching name.

The profile will give you a users statistics and also a link to their online profile.

Saved Locations

This screen will list locations saved within Cachly such as when you drop a pin on a map and select Save Location for that pin. When one or more saved locations are listed, you can select the three dots on the right of that location to Share the location or Copy Coordinates for that location. To delete a Saved Location, swipe left on the location and select Delete.


Highlights are synced across devices using iCloud. Sometimes highlights get out of sync, in which case select this option and tap Manually Sync Highlights. This will resolve any issues you have.

Details of caches which are highlighted are maintained in iCloud.

If you want to delete all highlights then you can do this by tapping Remove All Highlights.

This screen will indicate how many caches are highlighted in total.

Import from Dropbox

You must have the Dropbox App installed on your iOS device for this feature to work. When you select this action, you get a Dropbox screen showing folders and files. Navigate to a .gpx file or a .zip file containing a GPX and tap it. You return to Cachly where you complete the import process by either selecting an existing offline list or by naming a new one and importing into it.

Import from iTunes

The feature allows you to transfer .gpx or .zip files to Cachly using the File Sharing feature.


A backup is a zip file that contains a GPX for your offline lists and txt file of any pending logs. This feature provides a way to recover from an application or device issue. This is not an application restore but provides a way to recreate offline lists and handle any pending logs, should an incident occur.

This screen allows you to create a new backup, share an existing backup or delete all backups.

To create a new backup, click on the three dots in the top right of the screen and select Create Backup. A dialog is displayed that indicates the backup will be created in the background and when complete, will be listed on the Backups screen. The backup will be named with the date, time & user name of the logged in user.

To share the backup or store it off the device, click on the listed backup and you will be presented with a standard iOS share screen. The apps and options displayed are specific to your device. Select an appropriate app or action to act on the backed up file.

Tip: To remove your backups, click on the three dots in the top right of the screen and select Delete All Backups.

To restore from a backup:

- Download the backup zip locally to your desktop/notebook
- Expand/extract the backup zip file which will contain 1 named zip file for each offline list backed up
- Place each offline list backup zip on Dropbox or however you want to import into Cachly
- Import the individual zip/gpx files into a new Offline list that matches the name of the zip/gpx


Takes the user to this wiki.

Email Support

This will open a screen to allow an email to be sent Cachly support. You are presented with the option to include diagnostic information that will help troubleshooting, if you are contacting support for any issue. The email automatically includes info on the version of Cachly, the version of iOS, user name, whether you are a Premium member and the language in use by your phone. Therefore, you don't need to add this information.

Support Forums

Launches the Safari browser on your iOS device and opens the Cachly support forum.

Review Cachly on App Store

Prompts to launch the App Store to rate and review Cachly within the App Store.

Tip the Developer

Updates are free. You can assist with development costs here.

About Cachly

Lists the Beta Testers

Shows the open source software used by the application.

Lists the individuals that provided localization (translation) for various languages.

Shows info on the version of the app.