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Pending Geocache Logs

Pending Trackable Logs

Pocket Queries




Saved Locations

Import from Dropbox

Import from iTunes


A backup is a zip file that contains a GPX for your offline lists and txt file of any pending logs.

This screen allows you to create a new backup, share an existing backup or delete all backups.

To create a new backup, click on the three dots in the top right of the screen and select Create Backup. A dialog is displayed that indicates the backup will be created in the background and when complete, will be listed on the Backups screen. The backup will be named with the date, time & user name of the logged in user.

To share the backup or store it off the device, click on the listed backup and you will be presented with a standard iPhone share screen. The apps and options displayed are specific to your device. Select an appropriate app or action to act on the backed up file.

To remove your backups, click on the three dots in the top right of the screen and select Delete All Backups.

Email Support

Will open a screen to allow an email to Cachly support to be sent. You are presented with the option to include diagnostic information that would help troubleshooting, if you are contacting support for any issue. The email automatically includes info on the version of Cachly, the version of iOS, user name, whether you are a Premium geocaching.com member and the language in use by your phone.

Support Forums

Launches Safari and opens the Cachly support forum on your phone.

Review Cachly on App Store

Prompts to launch the App Store to rate and review Cachly within the App Store.


Displays the in-app help along with help search.

About Cachly

Shows info on the version of the app.

Shows the open source software used by the application.

Shows the individuals that provided localization (translation) for various languages.