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At the bottom right of every map view is the Map Options Icon. If the icon has a diagonal line it indicates you are using an offline map.

Map Chooser.jpeg Map Chooser Offline.jpeg

Tapping this icon will allow you to select which map type is used as the background to your map view. This screen gives you the option to Download Offline Maps, Select an offline map or standard map type. A long press on this icon will let you quickly switch between the last 3 types of maps you used. Further, it gives you a shortcut to adjust the settings on Offline Maps like contours, POIs, Parking, etc.

Other than the offline maps you have downloaded all maps require a data connection.

Premium Offline Maps

If you are likely to be in an area with bad coverage or want to save your data then you should download an offline map for the area you will be caching in. There are premium offline maps and standard offline maps. The standard ones are the free ones available in versions of Cachly before 5.0. The premium maps are a one time purchase cost and provide faster drawing, contours, hillshades, county/region boundary lines, 3D buildings and have frequent updates. The different layers to be downloaded for Premium maps can be set in Settings. You can preview how this sort of map looks the first time you tap this action. To remove the preview map, switch to any other map type and swipe left on the preview entry and choose Delete.

If you only want to use the original free offline maps, look for the Standard Offline Maps option further down the Map Types list.

After purchasing the one time, lifetime usage of premium offline maps, tap your continent and country and the map will download. In the case of larger countries there is a further level, viz state or multiple state regions.

After you have downloaded the map it will be available for use as the background map.

Premium offline maps are based on [Open Street Maps] and are updated regularly. If you are using the Live View and searching, you can craft a search for Open Street Maps features using their API. Any search starting out q: is treated as an Open Street Maps API search. For example, q:waterway=waterfall will search for waterfalls on the map. More complex queries like q:amenity=restaurant OR amenity=fast_food will show you places to eat. For more details on the various OSM things you can search for see [Search Wizard].

See the map legend for information about specific symbols and element styles.

Map Types

The Map Types available are:

  • Premium Offline Maps
  • Apple Maps
    • Standard
    • Satellite
    • Hybrid
    • Satellite Flyover
    • Hybrid Flyover
  • Google Maps
    • Standard
    • Satellite
    • Hybrid
    • Terrain
  • Standard Offline Maps (free)

Custom Tile URLs provides a number of different custom tile URLs. Some require that you obtain a key.

Note: The Custom Tile URL page provides a preset custom URL for UK Ordinance Survey maps. These are free but you need to obtain a key to use them. Tapping the Preset will fill in the Custom Tile URL and you can then fill in your key below.