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Cachly Help v6.0

Welcome to the Cachly Help Wiki. A wiki is a collection of pages edited by ordinary users to build a library of useful knowledge that's easy to update. This wiki is used as the help resource for the Cachly Geocaching iOS app. The current released version is 6.0.

Check out [What's new in V6] for a quick look at what's new! It is a long list.

If you spot corrections or improvements you think would make this wiki better, post them on the Support Forums: We welcome your suggestions.

Getting Started with Cachly

Go through this Getting Started tutorial if you are new to Cachly or just getting started with Geocaching.

If your device supports Force Touch, you can use it on the Cachly icon before launching Cachly and go directly to Search, View Profile, or History.

Cachly has 5 major tabs at the bottom of the screen, Live, Lists, Logs, Trackables, and More. Usage of each of these tabs is described in the sections below.

Live Usage

Lists: Offline and Online


The Logs Tab shows the logging you have done. The list is in date order.

From this tab you can also edit a log or delete a log or add images to it.


The Trackables Tab shows details of your Trackables Inventory and Owned Trackables.

Scanning a trackable

Cachly provides a feature for scanning the codes on trackables and logging them. Go to the Trackables tab and look for the trackable icon in the upper right. Note: In order to use this feature your device must be running operation system version iOS 13 or greater.


Tap the trackable icon to start scanning. You will see a camera view with a scan area in the middle which is where you want to align the code on your trackable. The zoom bar can be used to zoom in the view for cases when your trackable has very tiny font.


As you position the trackable code in the scan area, a green box will highlight the area where the code is thought to be and a provisional scan will be made. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the code that was scanned. Usually, it will be correct but it pays to check and rescan if there is a problem. The image below has the TB code obfuscated to avoid spurious logging. Normally, you would see the code of your TB in those two areas.

Tapping View xxxxxx will show you information about the trackable. Tapping Create Log will take you to the Log Trackable screen with the scanned code filled in. From there, you can complete the logging and choose a log type. The Save Discover Log will add create a Discovered log for the trackable and save it your list of Pending Trackable Logs. This makes it easy to scan a number of trackables and then go to the More tab and log them later.


Sometimes the scan picks up some other word on the tag you don't want. Just hit Cancel and try again. If the tag code is too damaged or faint to be scanned, you can still log it manually from the Log Trackable screen.

Note: If your device is not running iOS 13 or greater, you will see a screen similar to the below where a QR code can be scanned not a TB code.

Scanner pre ios13.jpg

More Tab

The More Tab offers access to a wide variety of additional Cachly features and settings.

The Rest

Apple Watch

Learn how the Apple Watch can be used for geocaching.

UK OS Maps

Learn how to setup UK OS Maps using a Bing Maps API Key.

Additional Support