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Cachly allows you to create an offline cache that is saved in an offline list. If you do this from the Live Map View then you will first be asked to select which Offline List you would like to add it to.

The information you can enter is as follows:

  • Cache Name
  • Cache Code - you will not be allowed to create a cache code starting with GC (see note below)
  • Description
  • Placed by
  • State
  • Country
  • Placed Date
  • Coordinates
  • Type
  • Difficulty and Terrain ratings
  • Container Size
  • Options
    • Available
    • Archived
    • Premium

Cache name and Cache Code are the only compulsory fields. If you do not add coordinates then the coordinates of your current position will be used.

Note: Should you want to create caches with a GC code then create using a dummy code. You will be allowed to edit the code after saving the first time. Remember that if you create a cache with a GC code and there is a valid cache with that code your details will be overwritten if the cache is ever refreshed.