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Cachly provides an app for those with an Apple Watch that partners with the Cachly iPhone application. The Cachly watch app provides many functions that allow you to store your phone away in a pocket or backpack yet still get all the key info you need to go caching.

Main Apple Watch Screen

On the main Apple Watch screen you should see the Cachly icon displayed. Tap the familiar Cachly icon to get started.

Apple Watch Main Screen

Apple Watch Cachly Main Screen

The main Cachly screen on the Apple Watch that shows Nearby, Current, Lists & Saved. Tap one of he 4 main functions.

Apple Watch Cachly Main Screen

Apple Watch Nearby Caches

The Nearby screen will load a list of the closest caches based on your current location. For each cache in the list, you can see the cache type, cache name, distance to the cache, difficult, terrain and cache size. You can scroll through the list of caches using the screen or dial. On this screen, you can hard press to display search options or to load additional caches.

Apple Watch Nearby Caches

Apple Watch Active Cache

When an active cache is selected you can view the cache type, cache name, difficulty, terrain, cache size, distance to the cache, hint if provided and description.

Apple Watch Active Cache Apple Watch Active Cache 2

Hard press on an active cache to show options to Log the cache, Save the cache to a local list, display the cache on a Map or display a Compass view.

Apple Watch Active Cache Action

Apple Watch Log

The log screen on the Apple Watch allows you to log a cache right from your watch. The options and process mirrors what you would do to log a cache on your iPhone. You can toggle Send Now to upload the log immediately to geocaching.com or to store it locally on your iPhone as a pending log. You can toggle Draft to control whether the log is stored as a Draft once uploaded to the geocaching.com site. The default log type is Found It, but you can select Did't Find It, Write Note or Needs Maintenance by selecting the log type and scrolling the watch dial. The Message for your log, when tapped, will open a dictation window where you can speak your log entry. Tap Save and your log will be sent to your phone and based on the Send Now/Draft options will remain on your iPhone until uploaded or immediately be uploaded to geocaching.com

Apple Watch Log Cache Apple Watch Log Cache 2

Apple Watch Map

The Apple Watch Map screen will display distance to the cache and a small map window with a pin for the target cache location.

Apple Watch Navigate Map

Apple Watch Compass

The Apple Watch Compass screen displays a compass dial with the direction to the cache along with distance to the cache and accuracy of the GPS signal.

Apple Watch Navigate Compass

Apple Watch Search Options

When a list is displayed, a hard press opens the options to filter the list or load additional caches.

Apple Watch Filter

List filtering provide similar options to what you can do within Cachly on the iPhone. You can toggle showing or hiding your finds and your hides, adjust the min/max difficulty and terrain, the cache sizes or types to display. Once you adjust the filtering, tap Search to apply the filtering to the results.

Apple Watch Filter Options 1 Apple Watch Filter Options 2 Apple Watch Filter Options 3 Apple Watch Filter Options 4

Apple Watch Lists

When Lists is selected off the main Cachly Apple Watch screen, the Offline lists available on your iPhone are displayed. Selecting a list on your launch loads the list of caches within the offline list.

Apple Watch Lists

Apple Watched Saved caches

This screen will display a list of caches where you have tapped Saved. This list is handy to quickly get to a small list of caches. If you hard press on a saved cache, you have the option to remove it from the Saved list. Hard pressing the Saved list without first selecting a cache provides the option to remove all Saved caches.

Apple Watch Saved Caches