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If you are a user of the previous version of Cachly then have a look at the new features and changes that you will get when upgrading.

What's New[edit]

What's Changed[edit]

The first thing you will probably notice is something new on the Title Bar of the Cache Details screen.


In addition to the ••• action button, there is now a button for list-related actions including Add to List, Add/Remove Favorite, Watch, and Ignore.

The Logging and Navigation Bar has moved from the top of the screen to the bottom to make those buttons easier to reach while holding your device with one hand.


You will no longer find your souvenirs as an item in the ••• More tab. They can now be found in your User Profile.

The option for sorting offline lists is now integrated with the ••• action button. Tap it and select Sort. Then you can drag to rearrange as before or tap Options and choose to sort by Title, Date, or Cache Count.