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Save/Add to List[edit]

Save/Add to Offline List is the action of adding a number of caches found as the result of a Live search, or adding an individual cache, to an Offline List or Online List.

If you are saving a number of caches from the Live Search You will be prompted to specify what caches you want saved. The choices are: All Caches, Visible Caches, and Highlighted Caches. After you choose one, you will get a screen showing current offline lists. If you want to add to an Online List then tap the Online tab to display your lists on

Tapping the list will result your caches being saved to that list.

If you need to define a new list, tap the + in the upper right and enter a name for it. When you are returned to the screen with the new list, tap it to finish adding the cache/s to it. Cancel can be used to bail out if you change your mind about saving to a list.

If you are adding a single cache the procedure is the same except you will not be asked what caches you want to save.

Note: You might wonder what saving Visible Caches does in List View. It saves what caches are visible in the current Map View, not the list items visible on the screen. Best stick to using this choice from Map View.