Load GPX caches by email

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Load GPX caches by email[edit]

One way to get lists of caches into a Cachly offline list is to receive them by email. Someone might mail a list to you or you can mail a GPX file from your computer to yourself and open it with a mail application on your iOS device. The GPX file will show as attachment. iOS says "Tap to download". Once downloaded, long press on the GPX file and you will get the iOS share menu. Choose the Cachly icon with Copy to Cachly message. Cachly will open the import screen where you can select an existing offline list or create a new one.

If a friend has some caches they want to send you, have them do an Export GPX from Cachly and Email the result to you. Then you can do as just described to load them into your Cachly.

Note: Sometimes a GPX file is compressed into a file with a .zip extension. You can treat this just like the above to import. Cachly will take care of unzipping the file.