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Cachly Help[edit]


Welcome to the Cachly Help Wiki. A wiki is a collection of pages edited by ordinary users to build a library of useful knowledge that's easy to update. This wiki is used as the help resource for the Cachly Geocaching iOS app. The current released version is 4.3. Check out the announcement for a quick look at what's new!

For a summary of the UI changes between Cachly 4.2 and 4.3 see here

If you spot corrections or improvements you think would make this wiki better, post them on the Support Forums: We welcome your suggestions.

Getting Started with Cachly[edit]

Go through this Getting Started tutorial if you are new to Cachly or just getting started with Geocaching.

Live Usage[edit]

Lists: Offline and Online[edit]


The Logs Tab shows the logging you have done.

From this tab you can also edit a log or delete a log or add images to it.


The Trackables Tab shows details of your Trackables Inventory and Owned Trackables.

More Tab[edit]

The More Tab offers access to a wide variety of additional Cachly features and settings.

The Rest[edit]

Apple Watch[edit]

Learn how the Apple Watch can be used for geocaching.

Additional Support[edit]