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Live View.jpg

This is the view that shows a map with all the loaded cache pins. You can switch between Map View and List View using the switch in the title bar. Notice the "Load more" circular arrow in the upper right of the title bar. If it contains ••• then tapping it again will load more caches. If it has no ••• in the center, you have all of them loaded.

Since this is a Live view tab, you can perform more searches using the search field. The results of each search are appended to the current caches in your result list. If you don't want your current results preserved when you do a new search, tap the X icon at the bottom right of the Map area to discard the current cache result list. Certain searches like coordinates or a road name will drop a pin rather than return caches. Then you can perform actions on that pin as described in the section below Dropping a Pin.

Note: Depending on other settings, the X icon may not appear since it is not relevant with those settings active. For example, Offline Map View will not have an X since the entire offline list is shown and is not an immediate Live search result.

There can be variations in the pins shown including decorations on the pin reflecting states like Corrected Coordinates or a highlight like the purple bar. The key ones are shown here.

Your current location is shown with a special icon that periodically pulses to help you spot it. If you long press on the marker, you will see a popup with the current coordinates and a ••• in a circle. Tapping the actions button will let you save the current location in the Saved Locations list, Create Offline Geocache at this location, or copy the coordinates. This can be handy for periodically dropping temporary waypoint markers as you bushwhack into the woods so you can find your way back out later. Creating an offline geocache might help you when hiding a new cache so you can see the radius circle distances to other nearby hides.

Current Location

The other two icons at the bottom of the map are:

  • Map Options Icon: select Map provider (Premium Offline Maps, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Standard Offline Maps, etc.)
  • Show current location. The first tap on the arrow zooms the view to where you are and colors in the arrow. The second tap reorients the map for direction of travel. A third tap starts the cycle over.

There are a number of settings that can affect the Map view. They include: Show Cache Radius, Prevent Map Rotation, Clear Map on Refresh, FTF Indicator, Fit to Map, Rotation Lock, Show Cache Type on Map. Consult the Settings for more details on what each of these settings does with respect to the Map view.

    • Note**: The font size of labels on the maps is affected by the settings in IOS Accessibility->Display & Text Size so if you need larger or bold fonts you can adjust accordingly. This does not apply to Satellite maps and some other map types.

Cache Pin Callout

If you tap a cache pin, you will see a callout pop up with more details on the cache. It summarizes the Cache Name, Icon, Distance, Number of trackables and Favorite points. The last line shows the Difficulty, Terrain and Container size followed by the GC Code. If you tap the callout box, you will go to the Cache Details screen.

Cache Pin Callout

Dropping a Pin


Sometimes you need to mark a particular location on the Map for later reference. If you long press on the Map, a pin will be placed at that location. You can press and drag to move the pin if it is not precisely where you want it. If you tap on the actions button to the right of the coordinates, you can perform several actions. They are:

Create Offline Geocache will let you select an offline list and make a user-defined local geocache. Save Location will let you add a name for the location and put it in your Saved Locations list visible from the More Tab and show the name when the map pin is tapped. Navigate to Location and Copy Coordinate do what you would expect. Remove will delete the pin from the map.

One good use case for dropping a pin is when a cache is just off the motorway/freeway on a frontage road and the car navigation app decides you have "arrived" when you are adjacent on the high speed road. If you notice this awkward placement, start navigation to the cache and then drop a pin a street or so away and navigate to it. This will get you close but off the high speed road. Then when close, remove the pin and navigation will switch back to the primary cache and you have avoided the problem.