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What should I do if I didn't receive my confirmation email?

Make sure to check your junk mail and also double check that you entered your email correctly when signing up. Some users incorrectly enter their email then be confused when no confirmation email came. If you think you entered it incorrectly you can just signup again.

You can also resend the validation email.

Why is my email "unavailable" when trying to sign up?

Do you already have a geocaching.com account? If so, all you have to do is login with your geocaching.com user name and password. Cachly is a third-party partner of geocaching.com and authenticate with their servers.

Why I am getting a "Not Authorized" error when trying to login to Cachly?

This error occurs when you have not verified your geocaching.com account, or it needs to be verified again. You will need to visit geocaching.com and view your account settings to verify your account.

Why can't I login to Cachly with my geocaching.com username/password when it works on the website?

Does your username have an apostrophe in it?

Since iOS 11 the keyboard started using "smart quotes" that are angled rather than the old "straight quote" by default. To use the old straight quote press and hold on the apostrophe key on the keyboard and you will be shown some options, one of which is the straight quote. Tap this and it should then allow you to login. Alternatively, you can disable smart quotes on your iOS device entirely by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and toggling the Smart Punctuation switch.

Why are Google Maps satellite images appearing in low resolution with watermarks?

Google is changing licensing and third party developer requirements for accessing Google Maps. It will take time to implement those changes, so Google Maps have been temporarily removed in Cachly 4.3. Google is still an available map provider in earlier versions, but the tiles will display as low quality images with watermarks. You can still see the full resolution satellite images if you have the Google Maps app installed on your device.

How do I access Google Maps in Cachly 4.3?

Google Maps have been removed in Cachly 4.3. Google is changing licensing and third party developer access to Google Maps, requiring the use of their new map framework. Updating Cachly to use it will require a lot of changes that simply can't be implemented in time to meet their deadline for the transition. To avoid a low quality experience for users running the latest version of Cachly, Google has been removed from the list of map providers for now. Look for Google Maps to make a triumphant return in Cachly 5.0!

Why doesn't my offline map work?

Please try downloading the offline map again. It's best to use wifi. Make sure your phone does not lock during the download. If it does lock, iOS may stop the download at some point which will leave you with a corrupted map.

Why am I getting a timeout error when attempting to download a pocket query?

Cachly downloads pocket queries from the geocaching.com servers. If you get a Timeout error during a download, there is most likely an issue with their servers, not Cachly. Unfortunately all you can do is wait a while and try again later.

You can check out http://status.geocaching.com/ which is the official status page and see if it lists any known issues for the API or main web site. You can also follow the official geocaching.com Twitter account.

Why isn't Cachly showing all caches on the Live tab?

Check to see if you have live search filters. The funnel icon in the upper right will be solid white when you have live filters enabled. Tap on it to go to the Search Options screen. Now tap the reset button to return all search options back to defaults. New searches should now return all available caches in an area.

Cachly is not allowed to show all caches if you are a Basic Member of geocaching.com.

Are there Basic member restrictions?

Yes. Cachly is a partner of Geocaching HQ and must enforce Basic member API restrictions. These are:

  • Basic users are limited to 3 full cache downloads per day and can only view Traditional caches with a 1.5/1.5 or lower rating.
  • Premium users can view up to 6,000 full caches per day and view all cache types.

See the Basic Member page for a more complete list of restrictions.

How do I update a log entry?

If the log you want to edit is a Pending Log in Cachly, go to More > Pending Geocache Logs, find the cache you want to edit, and tap that cache in the list. You can now edit the log message text, add an image within the message text, change the log from Found it to Didn't find it, etc. Once you are done making your changes, tap Save in the top right and your update will be saved and eventually sent to Geocaching.com when you submit the log.

If you'd like to delete or update a log entry and it's not a pending log, you need to go to the Logs Tab. Locate your previously posted log in the list and tap the ••• actions button on the right of the cache name. You will be able to select Add Images, Edit or Delete.

Is there an Android version?

Cachly runs on Apple's iOS operating system and there's no current plan for an Android version.

What causes the message Error - There was a problem communicating with the secure web proxy server (HTTPS)?

If you receive this message, it could be caused by using a VPN connection on your iOS device. If you use a VPN, you'll need to disable this in your iOS Settings so Cachly can properly communicate with geocaching.com.

Why wasn't a cache with corrected coordinates included in my live search results even though I know it's in the search area?

Searches on the Live map will only load caches based on the original coordinates. This is a limitation of the Geocaching.com API. If the caches you loaded don't yet cover the location of the original coordinate, the cache might not load even though the corrected coordinates are within the search area. Try loading more caches. If the next load includes the cache based on it's original coordinates, Cachly will display it at the corrected coordinates.

Why doesn't the Apple Watch compass update when I'm standing still?

The watch does not have compass hardware. It relies on the GPS course data, so you must be moving/walking in order to get the compass working.