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The Cache Entry page provides all the information you might want about a cache plus an ability to Navigate to the cache and log the cache.

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The logs section displays the last type of the last 5 logs on the cache (e.g. Found, DNF, note, etc.). If you tap the Logs line, you drill down to see individual logs from most recent backwards. The first line of the log shows an icon for the cacher, if they have one, their caching name and at the far right the ... action which allows you to use Google Translate on the log text. This can be invaluable if the log is in a language you don't know. Of course, this requires data service to reach Google translate. Right below that is the type of log and the date the log was made.

Tapping the geocacher's icon will open their Profile page. If you have an entry for their caching name in your iOS Contacts list, you can phone or text message them via the Profile page. See the Profile page for more information. The caching name must be in one of the Company, Nickname or Notes field of their contact entry for this feature to work. The name search is not case-sensitive and only looks for the caching name anywhere in the field.

Tip: If two users cache together under a single user name and the name is in both Contacts entries, Cachly will offer both names and phone numbers and you can choose which to call.

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