Add to Calendar (only on Events)

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If you tap "Add to Calendar" a new screen will open where you will be able to edit the information before adding to your calendar. The screen you will see is identical to the one you see when you add an entry to your calendar. Default information is filled in for you. Here is what you will see.

Title: The Event name
Location: The event coordinates
All-day: The slider will be on
Starts: Event Date
Ends: Event Date
Repeat: Never
Calendar: Your default calendar
Invitees: None
Alert/Second Alert/Show As: Your calendar defaults
URL: The link to the Event page on the Geocaching website
Notes: The Event description

Once you have edited the information as required you tap "Add" on the top right of your screen. You can, of course, Cancel if you do not want to add the entry to your calendar.