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Online Lists[edit]

These are the lists on (once called bookmark lists but now just Lists).

The Online tab of the Lists screen provides full access and management capability for your lists on This includes the ability to create and delete an online list and manage the caches in that list. The screen looks like this:


If you know the offline list tab, this should look very similar.

Create a new online list[edit]

Tap the + to create a new list. You will need to enter a title for the list, a description and decide what status you want the list to have. Then tap Save. The newly created empty list will appear at the top of the Online lists screen. Once created, you can manipulate it like any previously existing online lists.


The available actions for an online list are available via the Action button on the line with the list. They are:

  • Download Full List: This only appears if the list has entries
  • Edit: This lets you edit the properties entered on the Create Screen (Title, Description and Status)
  • Delete

Tip: A swipe left on the list will expose a Delete button as a shortcut.

Adding to an online list[edit]

Just like offline lists, caches can be added to an online list in the same ways. For example, say you have a Live search and you highlight several caches of interest. Then you can perform the Add to List action, switch to the Online tab and choose an online list to add them to.

Differences between offline and online lists[edit]

Note that there are minor differences between offline and online lists.

  • Highlighting is a local property of caches in the Cachly database so it will persist in an offline list. The concept of highlighting does not exist on the website so saving highlighted caches to an online list will not preserve the highlighting.
  • Offline lists can be filtered but online lists cannot.
  • Online lists can be sorted but the sort is not reflected back to the website.
  • Offline lists support various list-level actions like Copy, Merge, Move, etc. that are not supported for lists on the website. Of course, you can perform all these actions for an offline list and then save the offline list to an online copy to get a similar result.
  • From the Map View, an online list can be Exported to a GPX or Saved to a List. Note that this "Save to List" acts a bit differently and after determining what you want to save (highlighted, visible, etc.) creates a new offline list with the same name as the online list containing the selected export items.