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At the bottom right of every map view is the Map Options Icon. If the icon has a diagonal line it indicates you are using an offline map.

Map Chooser.jpeg Map Chooser Offline.jpeg

Tapping this icon will allow you to select which map type is used as the background to your map view. This screen gives you the option to Download Offline Maps, Select an offline map or standard map type.

Download Offline Maps[edit]

If you are likely to be in an area with bad coverage or want to save your data then you should download an offline map for the area you will be caching in. Simply tap this option. Tap your continent and country and the map will download. In the case of larger countries there is a further level,viz state.

After you have downloaded the map it will be available for use as the background map.

Offline maps are based on [OSM] and are updated from time to time.

Map Types[edit]

The Map Types available are:

  • Offline Maps
  • Apple Maps
    • Standard
    • Satellite
    • Hybrid
  • Ordinance Survey (UK)
    • Street View
  • Open Maps
    • Open Street
    • Open Cycle
  • Thunderforest
    • Landscape
    • Outdoors
  • Arc GIS
    • Satellite
    • Topo