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Cachly Help[edit]


Welcome to the Cachly Help Wiki. This wiki is used as the help resource for the Cachly Geocaching iOS app. The current version is 4.1(10)

If you are already a Cachly user please register on this Wiki and help improve the content for everyone.

A wiki is a collection of pages information edited by ordinary users to build a library of useful knowledge that's easy to update.

We welcome users contributing to the Wiki, whether that's just correcting typos; adding extra hints and tips for how to use the App; or adding a whole new page or section to the wiki. Note: that your proposed changes are reviewed by a moderator before they are made.

Getting Started with Cachly[edit]

Go through this Getting Started tutorial if you are new to Cachly.

Live Usage[edit]

Offline Usage[edit]


The Logs Tab shows the logging you have done.

From this tab you can also edit a log or delete a log or add images to it.


The Trackables Tab shows details of your Trackables Inventory and Owned Trackables.

More Screen[edit]

The More Tab offers access to a wide variety of additional Cachly features and settings.

The Rest[edit]

Additional Support[edit]