Cachly 42 to 43 UI Changes

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Cachly 4.2 to 4.3 UI changes[edit]

Some function locations in Cachly 4.2 were moved and given new appearance in the move to version 4.3. This page summarizes the changes to help you over the hump.


In Cachly 4.2, the gear icon for search settings would be green if some settings had been changed. In 4.3, the funnel is all white if settings have been changed.

Throughout, the ••• action buttons has had a circle put around it to better match iOS conventions.

Offline tab name was changed to Lists to reflect that it handles both Offline and Online lists in Cachly 4.3.

The Map provider selector (stack of paper at bottom right of Map screen) used to offer Google Maps as a choice. Google Maps have been removed in Cachly 4.3. Google is changing licensing and third party developer access to Google Maps, requiring the use of their new map framework. Updating Cachly to use it will require a lot of changes that simply can't be implemented in time to meet their deadline for the transition. To avoid a low quality experience for users running the latest version of Cachly, Google has been removed from the list of map providers for now. Look for Google Maps to make a triumphant return in Cachly 5.0!


The screen showing the names of your offline lists used to have "Offline" as the title. The Cachly 4.3 version has the ability to see both offline lists and online lists (e.g. bookmark lists on When viewing an online list, you can download it to an offline copy.


Cache Details Page[edit]

The Refresh item is no longer in the Action menu. Refresh is done by the standard iOS mechanism of pulling down on the page and releasing.